Maybe I should be thinking about how for this generation of women, happiness was often a family. How the halmonis at Sharing House created their own families, from stepchildren to adopted nieces to their own. But I’m just stuck on the fact that there are only 28 former comfort women known to be living in Taiwan.

Taiwanese sex slaves dress up to realize dream of weddings
First posted 00:43am (Mla time) April 19, 2006
Associated Press

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwanese women forced into prostitution by Japan’s military more than six decades ago put on wedding gowns Tuesday to celebrate the nuptials they never had.

The women are part of a shrinking group of “comfort women” — forced into sexual slavery by Japan’s military — in several parts of Asia during World War II.

After Japan ended its 50-year occupation of Taiwan in 1945, many of the women were rejected as “damaged goods” by their relatives and never found a spouse, said the Women’s Rescue Foundation, the rights group which organized Tuesday’s event.

Six women — ranging in age from 82 to 90 — came together in Taipei to put on white wedding dresses, hold bouquets and have their pictures taken.

“People of our age didn’t dare dream of having a wedding, but now the day has come, and I like it a lot,” said Wu Hsiu-mei, the oldest member of the group.

Taiwan has 28 of the women left, with an average age of 84, according to the foundation.